Sunday, May 29, 2011

Image Consulting - Looks and Beyond

When I’m not conducting workshops in schools, or holding corporate seminars on etiquette and image, I do consultation for private clients. It gives me a break from the monotony and I interact with them at a more personal level.

I have been working as an image consultant and have spent a lot of time with private clients (both men and women) to discover what suits their personalities, in terms of style, color and clothing that complements their lifestyle and body types. I play many roles and make sure that my clients get the best of everything in image consulting.

This helps me make friends and since my clients are always happy with my work, they also enroll their kids to my etiquette classes. This makes my work even more fun. What can be better than working with bubbly and vibrant kids? I love kids and thus working with them is fun for me.

Personality is not just about style and wardrobe- they stretch out to different realms and encompass colors and make up, etiquette and grooming. It is all about you- who you are and how to discover your hidden style.

My job is far more than improving looks by make up. I follow out the body types of my clients and recommend the correct clothing style that would suit them. I also visit their wardrobe and help them mix and match their clothing. This helps them save money as well. I also offer personal shopping so that they can get what really suits their looks and they can look best at reasonable prices. My aim is to save my client’s money while making them look the best.

I enjoy helping my clients. I try to walk an extra mile just to save them money and help them look good. After all, they rely on me, and it is my responsibility to help them get what they want.

I find that most of my clients have the same problem- they have nothing to wear. So I arrange a complete wardrobe for them, at lowest possible costs.

I also have associate trainers who conduct personal hairstyling and make up workshops- right in the client’s house. This helps them save time as well. Many of my clients are businessperson or housewives and they do not have time to attend my workshops, so I offer to visit them at their home and hold a small workshop there. Some of them are also 1-1 consultation sessions. It benefits them since it saves their time and money.

This Friday, I’m going for a personal shopping visit with one of my clients to help her get clothes that suit her living style and personality. I’m planning a day out with her when I can get to know her and then get what suits her looks and her way of living. Understanding people is very important before you start to change their looks.

Here are some tips for grooming (right from my secret tips chamber):

·         Pay attention to the fit. Bad fit will not enhance your personality. If you bought a jacket or dress that seems too big, send it for alteration, but make sure that you get it done at pros only. I get my clothes altered at Alter Pro at UOB Center. They did a great job with my clothes and are very professional. You might want to try them.  

·         Do not get your white shirts dry cleaned. It yellows the cotton quickly and even causes red stains on them.

·         Select colors that work well with your skin tone.

·         Shop alone. I have tried this and found that when I shop alone, I am more focused and buy exactly what I need. Also, create a shopping list and stick to it.

·         When you go shopping, wear a white tank top. This way you can try many things without going to the fitting room.



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