Saturday, May 14, 2011

My own experience with my princess

I feel etiquette training plays an important role in raising children. It becomes a foundation for them to grow in the society and present themselves with demeanour and respect.

I say so because I have a daughter and in her I have instilled a sense of manners and proper behaviour when she is interacting with other people apart from me and my family. As a mother, I feel that it is necessary for her to behave and show manners when she is dining, talking and playing, so that when she grows up, she is able to present herself in good light and can become a perfect person.

Right now, my daughter is a monitress in her class and I feel proud of her. Her dressing and manners have impressed her teachers at school and she is able to impart these manners and other behaviour etiquette to her fellow classmates. This has given her a confidence that she can lead people if she is well turned out and well-behaved. And I say this- not just as a mother, but as her etiquette coach as well. I see her as a perfect student. Of course I have other students as well, and some of them have outdone themselves and are performing really well. But pardon my joy that I feel especially for my daughter- because I’m a mother.

As a mother and a parent, I am able to feel her happiness, which cannot be fulfilled with gifts, rewards, money or toys. She is able to beam with pride about her achievements and that itself is the reward for her and for me as a parent and as a coach.

As an etiquette coach, I am able to impart to her and instil in her the importance of good manners, good dining habits, proper body language, assertiveness in talking, being fair in dealing with others, etc. She is also proud of my achievements and is impressed when people come and talk to me about their children. She likes it when I am featured in the newspapers and it makes her especially happy when she comes in the paper with me. She feels I am her friend and am able to guide her when it comes to handling difficult situations in her school life. She is open to both her parents and considers us as her best friends.

I strongly believe that in today’s times, good parenting and proper emotional and physical nutrition can help our children grow as responsible citizens of our countries and civilizations.


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