Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our work with the Tanglin Club…

The Tanglin Club, one of Singapore's most prestigious and prominent social clubs, is one of the places where I had enjoyed working the most. I had worked with them two years ago; recently I got the honor of working with them again. This time too, it was for the children of the elite club members.

Initially, we had planned to conduct one workshop on March 19 on the topic of “Children Social Etiquette and Dining”, but the response was so overwhelming, we decided to hold another workshop on March 26.

The children who participated were very enthusiastic and energetic about the workshop. With so much laughter and excitement, we received an overwhelming response from them. They were eager to learn the manners that we taught and all the while, they were very excited as they learnt new ways to behave. This mannerism and behavior included everything from what to say and do when they meet people, to increase their confidence to be better individuals.

We used exciting and innovative ways of teaching kids, so we always had positive responses. We even got responses directly from children, saying, “When can we come back for another workshop?” and “Will there be another workshop next week?”

A few days ago, I received the regular magazine from the Tanglin Club. There was a write-up about our workshop on the 19 March from a parent. We are so proud of the work that we did for the children. It is a very satisfying feeling.

The parent went on to share that his child had started applying his learning at home and he was happy to see his child use the learning in a productive manner.

I strongly believe that a person’s character is developed in childhood and thus it is an important phase in a person’s life in which he or she learns and develops. I want to provide equal opportunities to all children so that they can develop and learn social skills.

With school holidays coming up in June, we are starting workshops, and you can check our website for more details.

With our current experience so fruitful, we are very proud of the children who participated in our workshop. We wish them all the best!!


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