Friday, May 6, 2011

Being an entrepreneur myself!

All of us know, being an entrepreneur is not very easy. And it is not a cakewalk either. Though some of you may disagree, but according to me, entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work.

Today I met with a young entrepreneur group for an inspirational talk. I had been called in to discuss with them how I had become an entrepreneur and was successfully running my business.  Most of the participants were young and enthusiastic, but lacked direction and actual purpose in their professional lives.

Let me share with you here what I told them.

I had been a flight attendant for 9 years. I had never thought that I would become an entrepreneur till I gave birth to my daughter. I realised being a mother was a full-time job. But I had a desire to work and I was wondering what it is that I would like to pursue as a career that would give me flexibility to be with my daughter and husband when they needed me. After a lot of deliberation and thought, I decided to become an image consultant. As a flight attendant, I had learnt the art of personal grooming and etiquette and had put those skills to the best use possible.

My husband supported me with my decision. He even financed the 5-day certification course in image consulting. After completing the course, I immediately went about setting up my own business. I wanted to put my learning to good use as soon, if not now, it would go as waste.

Being proactive in business was the first thing that occurred to me. I knew that to be successful, one has to be proactive. So I kicked off by talking to some of my entrepreneur friends and draw some inspiration from them. I learnt that pitfalls would be there along the way, and I would have to stumble in order to learn. However, there were merits as well. I would be my own boss, and the success of the business would lie on my shoulders. I would have others working for my vision and objectives, and that would be a great booster to my self-confidence.

As the next steps, I started my own website. Running a website might look easy, but it requires a lot of work because you have to manage your online real estate and keep it running. I bought books on entrepreneurship, running a business, successful business people, and I realised that I needed to carry my own mettle on my shoulders. I also learnt that belief in oneself and God was a prime factor in one’s own success. I also could not wait for things to happen, rather, I would have to make them happen.

My company is now 4 years old. And I am running it with the same fervour and determination that I had started out with. My husband, family and friends are proud of my achievements.

Today, I am often quoted on the skills of social interaction, interviewing, grooming and dining in the various publications, such as: Agence France-Presse, Women’s Integration Network Council, Shin Min Daily News, Lian He Zhao Bao, Duet Magazine, Young Families, Sunday Times, Straits Times Digital Life, IGNITE ITE Magazine, Young Parents, Young Families, Today’s Parents, Simply Her, Her World, Cleo and Lifestyle Magazine.


I wish to continue my efforts in helping others become successful. And being a successful entrepreneur will come when I help make others successful.


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