Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working with Peranankan Museum

In February this year, Barbara of the Peranakan Museum contacted me to conduct the Children Etiquette Workshop for the upcoming school holiday in June. I was extremely happy to have a chance to work with Peranakan Museum as my husband and I are half Peranakan. Our grandparents were Peranakan, and so we do have the Peranakan bit in our blood.
The Peranakans have a very cultural background. They are Straits Chinese. In their language, Babas means men, and Nyonyas means women. History says that Hang Li Poh, a Chinese princess, came to Malacca to get married to their Sultan. This intermarriage led to coming together of two cultures- Malays and Chinese, and gave birth to the Peranakans.

The Peranakan community then migrated to close by places like Singapore and Penang. The nyonyas traditionally spent time at home with elders, and thus the Peranakan culture has a very diverse range of costumes and cuisines. 

The Peranakan culture is so diverse and vivid that it cannot be summed up here. To know more about them, visit

I was very happy to be invited to work on the museum assignment. For this event, I have decided to wear a traditional kebaya sarong that I purchased from one of the stores in Katong Shopping Center. As you can see below, there are so many beautiful kebaya, sarongs and beaded shoes. I have picked a red kebaya because red is my favorite color and it complements my skin tone as well.

My Red Kebaya and Blue Printed Sarong

Today, I met up with Michelle to go through the final details for the upcoming workshop. This workshop, “Little Phoenix and Dragon Etiquette Workshop for age 7-9 years old on
16 June 2011,” will be great fun with lots of Peranakan events. There will be traditional foods and etiquette training too. Everything will be done in a Peranakan setting. There is so much to learn at the museum, I am planning to take my daughter along so that she can learn something about the culture as well.

Do you have children of age 7-9 years? Would you like your children to learn about Peranakan culture? Why not sign up your children on this workshop. Make sure to dress your child in traditional Peranakan fashion. It will be a fun way to bond with other people of the different cultures.  Kids are encouraged to get dressed in Peranakan attire, so in case you do not have Peranakan attire at home, you can get kebaya sarong and batik cina shirts from the museum.

Hope to see you and your kids at the Peranakan museum.  I will put up the event happenings and pictures on my blog. Do not miss it…



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