Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

A very true statement indeed, but being a professional makeup artist, I also believe that in order to enchant the beholder’s eyes, a little touch of makeup is required.

Makeup is an art and it comes from within. If you have it, you are lucky, but if you don’t have it, you can train yourself to refine the skills. My make-up coaching class lasts for 2 hours and trains you for the following how-to’s:

·        Apply your make up for that flawless look.

·        Enhance your features, liven up your eyes- especially single-lid eyes, droopy eyes and puffy eyes

·        Wear false lashes (optional)

·        Achieve natural day and transform to night make up

·        Individual face shape analysis & advise on suitable hairstyles to compliment the look

This make-up lesson will provide you with everything you need to know to achieve the look you want.   Walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and a new look that will garner plenty of compliments, amaze you and your friends and boost your confidence to a new level!

As the base for a good color spread is good skin, you will receive many professional tips and easy, fuss-free tips on skin care too.

I have refined many adults as well as teenagers, including employees and housewives, and taught them the intricacies of makeup and skin care. I love to share my knowledge with my clients and they are very happy with the results.

Getting a personal makeup consultation is probably the best solution. As I said, makeup is an art and to learn it, you need good consultation. Get an appointment with me and let me give you a flawless look based on your skin tone and features. I also have you some expert tips to increase your face value, along with skin care advice and color selection guide. I’ll explain the different types of brushes and why it is important to get the right one for the task. Also, you’ll be taught the various methods of makeup application, and the compact that is good for you.

If you have always heard about fashion makeovers, but never witnessed one, this is your time. Shed your inhibitions and say hello to a new you. Let the more beautiful, the more attractive side of you take over- the you that you really are….

And if you believe that makeup is for shallow people, just touch yourself with makeup once and then feel the difference. It doesn’t just make others look at you, it will make you look at yourself! If you think you could look prettier if you just had the right person to help you out, you’ve got an answer to your prayers. Attend my makeup training sessions… or better still- contact me for a visit and see yourself transform.

It’s all about the features. If you buy lipstick shades by the advice of others, just keep in mind- what suits them wouldn’t necessarily suit you. Come for a personal consultation on make up or color analysis and purchase colors that look flattering on you. If you want to learn the best hairstyle for your face(depending on its shape), make an appointment with me for 1-1 hands-on hairstyling consultation. After this hairstyling session, you can create your own daily, nightly, and glam hairdos by mastering the use of the tools and products for hairstyling.

Here is a useful handy tip:

Makeup brushes are very important and if you can’t buy them all, make sure you have the foundation brush at least. It takes very little effort and helps everyone put on foundation and compact easily. You can get many foundation brushes in the market, but if you want the right one for you, contact me.

For all your makeup needs, feel free to contact me. You can also get color and style consultation along with personal and business etiquette courses. … See you soon.


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