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Building Confidence through Confidence is Cool® Workshop

The latest Confidence is Cool® Workshop was conducted between 6 June and 8 June 2011.

Confidence is a very important trait. You can’t have great personality if you aren’t confident enough- you should be able to talk, walk and act with confidence.

While I have seen many management stream people talk about it, it is generally not instilled in children from the right age. Think about it- if a person has always felt low about himself from his childhood, how do you expect him to be more confident as he grows up? This is why I got the idea to start this workshop.

Confidence is cool. It is what gives structure to your personality. You just cannot have a good personality without confidence. You can have a great personality without expensive clothes and accessories, but not without confidence.

What gave me the idea of ‘Confidence is cool®’?

·       Many parents came to me and said that their kids were shy and did not participate in social interactions.

·       Some parents requested adding a lecture on public speaking. This is why I include it on the last day.

·       Some students needed a self-esteem build up. I noticed this while conducting etiquette lessons. Most of them had some kind of bullying experience, thus lowering their self esteem.

There were many other reasons as well, but these were the primary ones. One thing that I always keep in mind is to conduct a small workshop, involving no more than 10 students, so that it can be kept personalized.

There were 5 students in my class in the June 2011 workshop. The names were Peng Siang, Peng Yang, Pang Boslyn, Bradley and Bentley. All of them came in with little confidence on the first day, and their confidence improved over the next 2 days. Now I am extremely happy to see them talk to one another with great confidence. It reflects in their facial expression, body posture and tone of voice.

One of the parents was so happy with the results that she signed up her sons for the Etiquette Plus Workshop on 13 June to 15 June 2011.

You may catch some pictures here at facebook.

The workshop quickly ended, and I miss those kids now. I hope to see them again as they were all bright and cheerful kids. They did extremely well and I’m proud of them.

Rachel attended my workshop last year, and I got her message on Facebook recently:

These gestures would make anyone happy and proud. Thank you Rachel, I appreciate that a lot!!!

Do note that Confidence is Cool® is a holiday's program. I started this workshop in 2008 and the response was so positive and overwhelming that every year, I conducted it twice…one in June school holiday, the other during Nov/Dec school Holidays.

The Three-day workshop was conducted to help youngsters, ages 8-12, achieve confidence, social skills and fine-tune their deportment skills. It covered the following points:

·         What is Confidence
·         The Steps To Gaining Confidence (6 steps)
·         Setting Goals – Strategies
·         Problem Solving Skills
·         How To Assert Themselves Appropriately
·         Techniques For Overcoming Shyness/ Self-Esteem
·         The Language of Confidence – Verbal and Non-Verbal
·         Public Speaking Skills
·         Courteous Communication Skills
·         Poise and Posture
·         Situational Etiquette and many others.

Do you want your child to shine out among the rest too? Sign up for the next Confidence is Cool® now. But make sure you register on time, because I don’t accept a lot of kids in one workshop- Just to keep it focused :)


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