Sunday, August 21, 2011

Train the Trainer

During the years of my professional life, I have had many inquiries on ‘Train the trainer’ program. I am passionate in my teaching, and whatever I do. I have talked to Lew Bayer, internationally recognized as the “civility expert”, who is President of Civility Experts Worldwide, and we decided to partner to offer live Civility Train the Trainer training in Singapore, along with a self study program.

In addition to 5 years as a credentialed, experienced image consultant and professional presence trainer, I have had interest in positive, courteous behaviour and so Image flair is a founding member of International Civility Trainer’s Consortium (ICTC).  And since I’m a master trainer, certified by ICTC, it is my responsibility to see that our country receives the best talent in terms of etiquette teaching.

Are you looking forward to be a trainer for kids, teaching them etiquette? Now you can - with our Train the Trainer program.

With Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, you can now achieve certification as a trained ICTC trainer though programs offered by Distance/Online or face-to-face through the Academy of Modern Etiquette in Singapore. The Academy is providing training classes to people who would like to work with kids and to teach them etiquette. This will be a 5 day coaching, and will help people in becoming a child etiquette consultant.

And if you do not belong to Singapore, or cannot join my course due to some reason, you can enroll in the online course that is offered now at a flat 50% discount rate. You can get online training and an ICTC approved certificate.

Benefits of becoming an etiquette consultant

When you become an etiquette consultant, you can get authority over the behavior of kids. You will get hands-on training from Ms Eunice Tan, the ICTC certified master of etiquette. From there on, you can add credibility to your services by being a caring and compassionate etiquette coach. To add children etiquette training in your resume, you need a certificate of training that is provided by the Image Flair Academy, and high courtesy standards that speak out for themselves.

Becoming a children etiquette consultant is a lucrative profession, but it’s not all about money. Of course it offers good growth prospects, but you need to have the passion and flair to be a good coach. And when you are handling kids, patience is a must. I handle all the kids with patience and love, and want all the trainers to do the same.

The Children Etiquette consultant certificate that you will receive from Image Flair would be approved for the ICTC credit. Once you complete the self study program or live training, you can take the International Civility Trainer’s Consortium Certification exam to achieve International certification in the field of children’s etiquettes. And after 5 years of teaching and training experience, you can apply for the ICTC Master Trainer Certification.

Interested in knowing more? Contact Ms Eunice Tan at 65.94311895 or email today.


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