Thursday, February 23, 2012

Create Better First Impressions

Creating first impressions is key to attaining success in your professional and personal life. However, many are puzzled by how or what is takes to create a long-lasting, great first impression. In this article, we provide a few useful tips that can be incorporated in our daily lives to enhance your personality and set you up for the next occasion you will need to impress.

First of all, physical appearance needs to be given the highest priority. Proper clothes and a pleasant outlook will help create a positive impression even before you utter a single word. Like it or not, how you look is increasingly important to how other people perceive you. All you are required to do is adorn some clean clothes and appear well-groomed. Of course, depending on the formality setting, you would need to dress appropriately and wear only clothes that fit you. 

In this regard, you can take help from professional personal consultation services that provide expert wardrobe analysis, colour and style analysis, and even personal grooming. Most often, it is considered that such services are a waste of time and money. However, such workshops provide resourceful tips regarding image and etiquette, and help enhance and revitalize a person’s appearance for a better image and outlook. All these play vital roles in creating the first impression that you want to have whether it is during an interview, a first date, or even a high school reunion!

Creating that first impression is just the beginning. Often, what follows during a personal introduction tends to tarnish that great first impression you have created, either because you could not hold a good conversation or the voice did not match the image. Another way how image and etiquette training can help you create long-lasting, better first impressions is by instilling the ability to make good introductions and hold conversations. 

The right introduction requires articulating important personal information like your name and what you do in the right voice, tone, and volume. While this seems simple to many of us, you would be surprised at how many people find self-introductions a challenge. Continuing a conversation after seems like an even more daunting task. The aim is to engage the other person, and this is only possible through effective talking and listening skills. In this regard, you need to try and keep a balance between opening up too much and in other cases, not giving an adequate response. Begin conversation by making the other person feel comfortable and then go with the flow. In most cases, we tend to give less importance to ‘listening’. It is in fact, a very important aspect of making a well-balanced conversation. 

Confidence building is also indispensable to creating better first impressions. Some people are inherently self-assured, while others need a little help. On a personal level, you can work by getting rid of self-consciousness. Sometimes, people tend to focus too much on themselves, where they tend to worry about what the other person thinks about them. This leads to low self-esteem, which outwardly represents itself in form of fidgeting, second-guessing and shyness.  

However, low self confidence is not a problem that you have to live with permanently. There are many workshops conducted by trained image consultants, which aim to inculcate poise and self-belief in people. Speak with a professional today and get a lasting first impression that will set you apart from all the rest.


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