Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Children Etiquette - Importance of Teaching Social Skills To Youngsters

We often complain about how things are not the same anymore. The same goes for people and their behaviors, specially the younger lot. If you look around you can’t help but notice how disrespectful the youngsters of today are. They are quite impatient, want things done their way and are not willing to cooperate with others. The adults and parents are seen as either their enemy, or people who simply do not understand them. Filial piety seems like a concept from the pages of history; which has no place in the life of today’s young ones.

We understand the importance of respect and want our children to do so too. But, we often forget that although respect is a great thing, it has to be earned. In order to be respected you have to show respect towards others. This includes your children and not just the adults you interact with. There are some very basic changes you can incorporate in your behavior in order to merit respect from your children, and not demand it.

It all starts with listening to them when they talk to you. Just like you want them to pay attention when you are talking, your child expects the same from you. With today’s busy lifestyles it is often not possible for parents to take out as much time as they would like to for their children. But, make sure you take out the time when your child comes to you for anything.

You cannot trust someone who lies, and when you can’t trust them you don’t respect them. You lose your respect in your children’s eyes if you lie order to cover up for your mistakes. So, it’s always best to tell them the truth only then, can you expect them to do the same. This teaches your child that it’s ok to make mistakes. So, if he makes one he won’t lie to you or hide it from you out of fear.

If you want your child to respect your privacy, you would have to do the same. It does not mean that you don’t keep an eye on what your child is doing, but be sure to be gentle in your ways. The same goes for, if you want him to show respect towards elders in the family or your friends you would have to show respect towards him and his friends.

Teach your child the value of self worth and self respect. If they would not respect themselves they would not be able to respect others. Praise and appreciate your child for positive behavior.

Lastly, it is also important for a child to know that he is loved and cared for. We often assume that our children know that we love them but an occasional gesture of love can go a long way.

Respect is an attitude which helps your children succeed in life. As he learns to respect others, he wins the respect of others. You can teach your child this virtue by giving him the respect he deserves as an individual.


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