Saturday, February 2, 2013

Children etiquette - Instilling good manners in a child

Do you know how to instill good manners in a child? Teaching manners is a gift that parents can share with their children, but they have to be patient and consistent in this process. 

Home is the place where children learn about love, caring and pleasing others and so manners should begin at home. Praising the children and letting them know that their efforts at home; for example, tidying up their toys, washing their hands, helping to set the table, speaking nicely to their family members and other little things around the house, will make children feel confident and continue good behavior.

By three years of age, children can learn to say please and thank you. Parents should use these words often and the children will become more aware of what manners are.

A child won’t become a polite, kind individual who thinks of others overnight. This is a long and continuous process that requires consistency- in both rewards and reminders. With commitment, parents can teach and support their children and learning the basic rules will become the building blocks of a more complex and sophisticated understanding of courtesy and civility as children grow up.

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