Friday, March 1, 2013

Spending time with your family

We live in a dynamic world where change is a constant part of our day to day lives.

Keeping up with this fast pace of life is challenging and stressful. There are many instances where we take our relations and family for granted and put them on the back seat. We are constantly dealing with the pressures of meeting deadlines, leaving no time to even get to know our own children. 

Sit back; take a deep breath and think – 
Have you been spending quality time with your loved ones? 
Have you been neglecting your children lately? 
When did you last have dinner with your siblings or have you had the time to thank your parents for being there?

It is ironical how we get so entangled in our own mess that we forget the importance of relationships. Time slips away quickly, and before you know, it is too late to mend rusted relations. Now is the time to slow down and set aside a day to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

When you do spend time with your family, you will realize that each member of the family has different qualities and attributes to share. You will broaden your horizons and learn more about your own siblings, cousins, elderly and children. It is said that the human brain usually recalls good memories and has the ability to suppress the bad one. By spending time with your family, you are building beautiful memories and later in life you will cherish these. You will also realize that this time spent away from laptops, blackberries and meeting reminders will act as a stress buster and will invigorate your senses.

Children grow up quickly and before you realize, they have developed into an individual with their own personality traits. Their personality is often dependent upon the love and care that they receive from the people around them. Therefore it is important that the children also learn the importance of interacting with their cousins at a young age. These informal and playful interactions will help develop the child’s social skills and their sportsmanship qualities. When children grow up among loved ones besides their parents, they have an added feeling of security which helps in moulding a positive self esteem. Their smiles, laughter and games will also brighten your day.

These activities with the extended family need not be expensive. Visit a park or a beach. Pack a picnic basket and carry a frisbee. Invite your extended family and their children and spend a day building cherished memories.

My family and I gathered at the Labrador Nature Reserve and then visited the West Coast Park last Sunday to spend some time together. The children had a great time playing and enjoying the time spent with their cousins. I am happy to share some pictures to encourage you to also plan a day out with your loved ones.



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