Sunday, August 25, 2013

Children Etiquette - Social Etiquette To Develop Confidence And Attitude Among Children

It is important to train children to perform well in their lives. The highly competitive environment and the need to develop interpersonal skills are making it necessary to develop kids to recognize the world around and their role in it.

With traveling parents and highly professional environments, the kids are supposed to learn ways to accommodate to catch up academic, personal and social skills. By considering these things, we provide the trainings so that the children may not find an extending gap of lack of communication, unable to relate with the adults and other people around, and hence improve their self-confidence.

Children cannot understand a lot of things unless a proper training is provided. They have limited views about the world and try to see it through their innocence and unrefined minds. Training is necessary to make children understand the different roles of people in society and how they are affected by the people. They need to recognize and relate the story from their side.

Image Flair’s children etiquette workshops start about basic etiquettes at home. The children are made oriented to keep their room and surroundings clean. They provide information and orientation regarding their responsibility in public and about their rights and duties. Nobody wants to spoil one’s children because of extra facilities. The lessons of telephone etiquettes, social etiquettes, dining etiquettes are part of our children etiquette program.

If you want your children to learn etiquette, then let them join Image Flair’s children etiquette programs. The classes are personally taught by Eunice Tan, Master Civility Trainer and Founder of Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette. Eunice had taught thousands of children and had trained many successful etiquette trainers in building their etiquette businesses.

Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette is also the only authorized representative  in Singapore to deliver Civility Experts prestigious international Train-the-Trainer programs for both the Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach and Business Etiquette Coach.

For more information about Image Flair’s workshops, contact Eunice at +65 94311895 or email


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