Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Woman of Note

Everyone is unique and everyone, whether he/she realizes it or not has the power to inspire someone or another.  This humbling realization occurred to me when I was recognized by LiveWell Magazine as one of three “women who inspire”. I am grateful to be acknowledged in this way, and the experience has high-lighted how important mentorship and leadership is for women of all ages- but particularly women in business. It’s really not easy running three businesses and being a wife and a mother at the same time. As most women in business might attest, balance is a constant struggle. But since the beginning I made a conscious decision to put my family first and my business second. It is a privilege to take care of my family -without a maid, but this does require that I plan my time and schedule wisely. 

To be successful in business, I strongly believe that you must have a mentor who can guides you. And if you have followed my articles or interviews from the media, you will notice that I always mentioned my mentor, Lew Bayer. Lew is not only my mentor but has become one of my dear friend thorough out the years. I am lucky to have known Lew and for those successful entrepreneurs out there, I would encourage you to remember how you got started. Be purposeful about giving thanks and credit to the people  who has helped you succeed. There may be one, or there may be many. And make it your goal to reach out and support and help and mentor others when you find success so that you can encourage and foster success in others.

How I managed to stay in business for almost ten years with zero business knowledge,  is a combination of the constant love and support of my family, and the guidance of of my mentor, but I also engage in a daily practice of self-motivation and self-inspiration. The principles and mantras that inspire me include  Steven Covey’s 90/10 principle and the quotes given by Opray Winfrey. By engaging in daily affirmations and positive self-talk, I am pushed forward to succeed and never give up.

In this interview with LiveWell, I shared in more detail about the three people who have inspired me and what success and living well means to me.

To read the full article about my inspiration story, click below :)

It is my hope to inspire you.


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