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Why I Love MED-LINE™ SkinCare Products!

In my recent interview with LiveWell Woman, I am honored to be acknowledged as one of three "women who inspire". I am grateful to be acknowledged in this way, and the experience has high-lighted how important mentorship and leadership is for women of all ages - but particularly women in business.
In my interview, I have also shared about my love for MED-LINE™ Skincare products and the reason why I launched my new business M & O SkinCo.

Woman of Note. Eunice Tan

As a parent, I want to make sure the skincare products that my family uses are safe from all toxins because the products that we use will go through our blood stream. I am particularly selective on the skincare products that I used at home because my daughter who is 12 years old is suffering from juvenile arthritis, myositis, gastritis and GERD. Besides these illnesses, she has eczema and hyper sensitive skin.  I have tried and purchased many skincare products including Cetaphil Cleanser which is designed for sensitive skin, are not suitable for my daughter. Her face will develops red spots, rashes and itch after using it. I began to search for a safe skincare product for my daughter as well as for my clients and students.  I chanced upon MED-LINE™ skincare products in July 2014. MED-LINE™ skincare products are free from the 7 harmful toxins, are not tested on animals, are not genetically modified and are free from animal by-products. Best of all, these products are suitable for all skin types, especially hyper sensitive skin or inflamed skin. MED-LINE™ products can be safely used by people suffering from Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis, and can be used on children/young adults or on those recovering from an illness, or have undergone post-radiation therapy or are immunocompromised due to any reason. This product is absolutely perfect for my daughter!

I contacted MED-LINE™ and asked them to send me samples. I tried the products myself and passed a set to my sister who suffered from hypersensitive skin and eczema and another set to my sister who lived in Sydney. My sister, Joyce Tan who is now a co-founder of M & O SkinCo has been trying other treatments and products and nothing worked. After trying MED-LINE™, the results were fantastic. My sister had no reaction to the products. No itch or rashes. Her skin became radiant and she was even complimented by her colleagues on her good skin.

I was very happy with the results. As an image/grooming and etiquette trainer, I have tried many skin care products and  none of them worked for my daughter except MED-LINE™. I would highly recommend MED-LINE™ skincare products to those with sensitive skin. If you or your family members have sensitive skin, do try MED-LINE ™. My daughter tried MED-LINE™ Pure Cleansing Mousse and the result was amazing! She does not like to wash her face before but now, she loves it. She enjoys applying the mousse on her skin and taking care of her skin becomes fun . She feels happier too knowing the skincare products worked for her and is safe for her. I felt good  too because I know the products that my family uses are safe from all toxins. This is extremely important for me especially for my daughter.

For parents, who are looking for perfect cleansing foam/mousse for your children, try MED-LINE™ Pure Cleansing Mousse. Your children will look forward to washing their face each day and most importantly, it is safe and effective for hyper sensitive and normal skin.

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MY client had tremendous result after using MED-LINE™ skincare products for a week.
She had recommended it to her dad and her dad loved it too. The result was amazing!! 

She loved MED-LINE™ products so much that she used Cell CC Cream on her clients too.
Try MED-LINE Skincare products now! MED-LINE Singapore is offering Buy 1 get 1 Free of the same products now till 14 August 2016. Free delivery above $50 in Singapore.





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