Sunday, May 29, 2011

Image Consulting - Looks and Beyond

When I’m not conducting workshops in schools, or holding corporate seminars on etiquette and image, I do consultation for private clients. It gives me a break from the monotony and I interact with them at a more personal level.

I have been working as an image consultant and have spent a lot of time with private clients (both men and women) to discover what suits their personalities, in terms of style, color and clothing that complements their lifestyle and body types. I play many roles and make sure that my clients get the best of everything in image consulting.

This helps me make friends and since my clients are always happy with my work, they also enroll their kids to my etiquette classes. This makes my work even more fun. What can be better than working with bubbly and vibrant kids? I love kids and thus working with them is fun for me.

Personality is not just about style and wardrobe- they stretch out to different realms and encompass colors and make up, etiquette and grooming. It is all about you- who you are and how to discover your hidden style.

My job is far more than improving looks by make up. I follow out the body types of my clients and recommend the correct clothing style that would suit them. I also visit their wardrobe and help them mix and match their clothing. This helps them save money as well. I also offer personal shopping so that they can get what really suits their looks and they can look best at reasonable prices. My aim is to save my client’s money while making them look the best.

I enjoy helping my clients. I try to walk an extra mile just to save them money and help them look good. After all, they rely on me, and it is my responsibility to help them get what they want.

I find that most of my clients have the same problem- they have nothing to wear. So I arrange a complete wardrobe for them, at lowest possible costs.

I also have associate trainers who conduct personal hairstyling and make up workshops- right in the client’s house. This helps them save time as well. Many of my clients are businessperson or housewives and they do not have time to attend my workshops, so I offer to visit them at their home and hold a small workshop there. Some of them are also 1-1 consultation sessions. It benefits them since it saves their time and money.

This Friday, I’m going for a personal shopping visit with one of my clients to help her get clothes that suit her living style and personality. I’m planning a day out with her when I can get to know her and then get what suits her looks and her way of living. Understanding people is very important before you start to change their looks.

Here are some tips for grooming (right from my secret tips chamber):

·         Pay attention to the fit. Bad fit will not enhance your personality. If you bought a jacket or dress that seems too big, send it for alteration, but make sure that you get it done at pros only. I get my clothes altered at Alter Pro at UOB Center. They did a great job with my clothes and are very professional. You might want to try them.  

·         Do not get your white shirts dry cleaned. It yellows the cotton quickly and even causes red stains on them.

·         Select colors that work well with your skin tone.

·         Shop alone. I have tried this and found that when I shop alone, I am more focused and buy exactly what I need. Also, create a shopping list and stick to it.

·         When you go shopping, wear a white tank top. This way you can try many things without going to the fitting room.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working with Peranankan Museum

In February this year, Barbara of the Peranakan Museum contacted me to conduct the Children Etiquette Workshop for the upcoming school holiday in June. I was extremely happy to have a chance to work with Peranakan Museum as my husband and I are half Peranakan. Our grandparents were Peranakan, and so we do have the Peranakan bit in our blood.
The Peranakans have a very cultural background. They are Straits Chinese. In their language, Babas means men, and Nyonyas means women. History says that Hang Li Poh, a Chinese princess, came to Malacca to get married to their Sultan. This intermarriage led to coming together of two cultures- Malays and Chinese, and gave birth to the Peranakans.

The Peranakan community then migrated to close by places like Singapore and Penang. The nyonyas traditionally spent time at home with elders, and thus the Peranakan culture has a very diverse range of costumes and cuisines. 

The Peranakan culture is so diverse and vivid that it cannot be summed up here. To know more about them, visit

I was very happy to be invited to work on the museum assignment. For this event, I have decided to wear a traditional kebaya sarong that I purchased from one of the stores in Katong Shopping Center. As you can see below, there are so many beautiful kebaya, sarongs and beaded shoes. I have picked a red kebaya because red is my favorite color and it complements my skin tone as well.

My Red Kebaya and Blue Printed Sarong

Today, I met up with Michelle to go through the final details for the upcoming workshop. This workshop, “Little Phoenix and Dragon Etiquette Workshop for age 7-9 years old on
16 June 2011,” will be great fun with lots of Peranakan events. There will be traditional foods and etiquette training too. Everything will be done in a Peranakan setting. There is so much to learn at the museum, I am planning to take my daughter along so that she can learn something about the culture as well.

Do you have children of age 7-9 years? Would you like your children to learn about Peranakan culture? Why not sign up your children on this workshop. Make sure to dress your child in traditional Peranakan fashion. It will be a fun way to bond with other people of the different cultures.  Kids are encouraged to get dressed in Peranakan attire, so in case you do not have Peranakan attire at home, you can get kebaya sarong and batik cina shirts from the museum.

Hope to see you and your kids at the Peranakan museum.  I will put up the event happenings and pictures on my blog. Do not miss it…


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Partnership with Civility Experts Worldwide

Today, I would like to share with you about a dear friend, whom I call one of my mentors, Lew Bayer, President and CEO of Civility Experts Worldwide. For the past 14 years, Lew and her team have been internationally recognized as Canada’s leading experts on civility in the workplace. Lew has published 8 books including her recent co-author book called The Power of Civility. Additionally, Lew is the Executive Director of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC) In 2009, I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of ICTC and I am proud to be one of the handful of Master Level ICTC certified civility trainers in the world, and a founding member of ICTC.

Lew and I have known each other for just over 3 years. I first got to know Lew when I was searching for curriculum to teach my children etiquette class. There were so many curriculums out there and the reason I chose Lew’s curriculum is because she is prompt in replying to my queries, she is also friendly and professional. Furthermore, her materials/curriculum was great and easy to use...At present, I continue to use Civility Experts Worldwide training materials to teach my etiquette classes and have been successful. You can view my class schedule and offering at
I am pleased to note that a Business Etiquette Brief that I wrote as well as Etiquette Plus!, which is content I created is endorsed and sold on the Civility Experts shopping cart.
As an entrepreneur, it is very important for me to deal with someone I can trust and working with Lew has been great... In 2009, I decided to further my training as a children etiquette consultant and got personal training from Lew and achieved my Master Level Trainer (MCCT®)certification from ICTC. This accomplishment has enabled me to build my business and to form a strategic alliance with Civility Experts Worldwide. With great pleasure I can announce that effective May 1, 2011, Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette is the official, and exclusive, Children’s Character, Confidence and CourtesyCoach Certificate Train-the-Trainer for Singapore. This means that I and my team will be delivering face-to-face Train-the-Trainer programs for etiquette consultants, daycare providers, parents, teachers, event planners and others who want to teach children character, confidence and courtesy.
In one of our recent conversations Lew stated, “Civility is entirely about consistently communicating respect and consideration for others, Eunice – you and your team exemplify these values and we are proud to partner with you and support you in continuing civility conversations, promotions, training and development of civility in Singapore”. Learn more about Lew by visiting - note that I am the Featured Affiliate on their main site.

I have always respected Lew and am so happy to be able to represent her prestigious company, Civility Experts, in Singapore. We strongly believe that teaching children social graces is important and to help parents support their children’s social development, we plan to offer Social Competence and Cultural Competence training to adults and businesses beginning 2012

My own experience with my princess

I feel etiquette training plays an important role in raising children. It becomes a foundation for them to grow in the society and present themselves with demeanour and respect.

I say so because I have a daughter and in her I have instilled a sense of manners and proper behaviour when she is interacting with other people apart from me and my family. As a mother, I feel that it is necessary for her to behave and show manners when she is dining, talking and playing, so that when she grows up, she is able to present herself in good light and can become a perfect person.

Right now, my daughter is a monitress in her class and I feel proud of her. Her dressing and manners have impressed her teachers at school and she is able to impart these manners and other behaviour etiquette to her fellow classmates. This has given her a confidence that she can lead people if she is well turned out and well-behaved. And I say this- not just as a mother, but as her etiquette coach as well. I see her as a perfect student. Of course I have other students as well, and some of them have outdone themselves and are performing really well. But pardon my joy that I feel especially for my daughter- because I’m a mother.

As a mother and a parent, I am able to feel her happiness, which cannot be fulfilled with gifts, rewards, money or toys. She is able to beam with pride about her achievements and that itself is the reward for her and for me as a parent and as a coach.

As an etiquette coach, I am able to impart to her and instil in her the importance of good manners, good dining habits, proper body language, assertiveness in talking, being fair in dealing with others, etc. She is also proud of my achievements and is impressed when people come and talk to me about their children. She likes it when I am featured in the newspapers and it makes her especially happy when she comes in the paper with me. She feels I am her friend and am able to guide her when it comes to handling difficult situations in her school life. She is open to both her parents and considers us as her best friends.

I strongly believe that in today’s times, good parenting and proper emotional and physical nutrition can help our children grow as responsible citizens of our countries and civilizations.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our work with the Tanglin Club…

The Tanglin Club, one of Singapore's most prestigious and prominent social clubs, is one of the places where I had enjoyed working the most. I had worked with them two years ago; recently I got the honor of working with them again. This time too, it was for the children of the elite club members.

Initially, we had planned to conduct one workshop on March 19 on the topic of “Children Social Etiquette and Dining”, but the response was so overwhelming, we decided to hold another workshop on March 26.

The children who participated were very enthusiastic and energetic about the workshop. With so much laughter and excitement, we received an overwhelming response from them. They were eager to learn the manners that we taught and all the while, they were very excited as they learnt new ways to behave. This mannerism and behavior included everything from what to say and do when they meet people, to increase their confidence to be better individuals.

We used exciting and innovative ways of teaching kids, so we always had positive responses. We even got responses directly from children, saying, “When can we come back for another workshop?” and “Will there be another workshop next week?”

A few days ago, I received the regular magazine from the Tanglin Club. There was a write-up about our workshop on the 19 March from a parent. We are so proud of the work that we did for the children. It is a very satisfying feeling.

The parent went on to share that his child had started applying his learning at home and he was happy to see his child use the learning in a productive manner.

I strongly believe that a person’s character is developed in childhood and thus it is an important phase in a person’s life in which he or she learns and develops. I want to provide equal opportunities to all children so that they can develop and learn social skills.

With school holidays coming up in June, we are starting workshops, and you can check our website for more details.

With our current experience so fruitful, we are very proud of the children who participated in our workshop. We wish them all the best!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Being an entrepreneur myself!

All of us know, being an entrepreneur is not very easy. And it is not a cakewalk either. Though some of you may disagree, but according to me, entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work.

Today I met with a young entrepreneur group for an inspirational talk. I had been called in to discuss with them how I had become an entrepreneur and was successfully running my business.  Most of the participants were young and enthusiastic, but lacked direction and actual purpose in their professional lives.

Let me share with you here what I told them.

I had been a flight attendant for 9 years. I had never thought that I would become an entrepreneur till I gave birth to my daughter. I realised being a mother was a full-time job. But I had a desire to work and I was wondering what it is that I would like to pursue as a career that would give me flexibility to be with my daughter and husband when they needed me. After a lot of deliberation and thought, I decided to become an image consultant. As a flight attendant, I had learnt the art of personal grooming and etiquette and had put those skills to the best use possible.

My husband supported me with my decision. He even financed the 5-day certification course in image consulting. After completing the course, I immediately went about setting up my own business. I wanted to put my learning to good use as soon, if not now, it would go as waste.

Being proactive in business was the first thing that occurred to me. I knew that to be successful, one has to be proactive. So I kicked off by talking to some of my entrepreneur friends and draw some inspiration from them. I learnt that pitfalls would be there along the way, and I would have to stumble in order to learn. However, there were merits as well. I would be my own boss, and the success of the business would lie on my shoulders. I would have others working for my vision and objectives, and that would be a great booster to my self-confidence.

As the next steps, I started my own website. Running a website might look easy, but it requires a lot of work because you have to manage your online real estate and keep it running. I bought books on entrepreneurship, running a business, successful business people, and I realised that I needed to carry my own mettle on my shoulders. I also learnt that belief in oneself and God was a prime factor in one’s own success. I also could not wait for things to happen, rather, I would have to make them happen.

My company is now 4 years old. And I am running it with the same fervour and determination that I had started out with. My husband, family and friends are proud of my achievements.

Today, I am often quoted on the skills of social interaction, interviewing, grooming and dining in the various publications, such as: Agence France-Presse, Women’s Integration Network Council, Shin Min Daily News, Lian He Zhao Bao, Duet Magazine, Young Families, Sunday Times, Straits Times Digital Life, IGNITE ITE Magazine, Young Parents, Young Families, Today’s Parents, Simply Her, Her World, Cleo and Lifestyle Magazine.


I wish to continue my efforts in helping others become successful. And being a successful entrepreneur will come when I help make others successful.

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