Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bullying at school - why parents should be aware of children manners and social graces

Many parents have been expressing their concern at the lack of children manners and social graces. It is baffling to see a sharp increase in the number of bullying incidents at school. Such non civil behavior in children can be attributed to the lack of awareness and proper guidance. In view of this disturbing situation, I would like to share about a holiday workshop conduced at Image Flair to help promote children manners and social graces. I would particularly mention the Cool Kind Kid program that aims to help children get along with others and impart anti bullying education. 

I see many parents worried that they have no clue as to how they can play a role in instilling children manners and social graces. My advice would be that the best thing you can do for your child is to get him/her professional help at Image Flair

Some of the basic causes of why your child becomes a victim of bullying at school are:
  •  Lack of confidence
  •  Low self-esteem
  •  Inability to interact and socialize with others

At the same time you could be one of those parents receiving reports of your child’s misdemeanor and that he/she might be bullying others at school. This occurs from a lack of respect for others as well as poor children manners and social graces. Participants who have attended some of the workshops in this regard are pleased to find out that the foremost principle taught to children is RESPECT. The values instilled in school going children at these workshops help build their character with a strong stress laid on children manners and social graces.
 Parents should be aware of the detrimental effects that bullying can leave on children. Any form of bullying can leave a child with long term personality disorder. Some of the effects include depression, anxiety, anger, insecurity and lack of trust.  The three main forms of bullying that children generally face at school are:
  • Physical – This includes shoving, hitting and physically targeting a victim.
  • Verbal – Victims are usually teased, threatened and mocked in this type of bullying.
  •  Emotional – A constant fear is developed in the victim’s mind.

The anti-bullying programs are an effective way of eradicating bullying from school and promoting children manners and social graces. The workshops aim to teach students cooperation and dispute resolution techniques that will help them fit in school and avoid bullying.


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