Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You Note from Crystal

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to have received a thank you note from my client, Crystal Tan. As an image and etiquette consultant, I have coached many, but I really feel most appreciated, when I read a “thank you” note from one of my clients. It really makes me happy to know that my client is doing well, and my advice has helped them achieve their goal.

Crystal Tan came for my one-on-one consultation on business Etiquette on 21April . I remembered that day, when Crystal arrived. She didn’t look very confident and looked rather sad. When I conduct a one-on-one consultation, I like to know more about my client then see how I can help them, because each person is in a different situation with different expectations. After chatting with her for an hour or so, I realised that there are many factors that contributed to her behaviour. One very important factor was that Crystal seemed very emotional while sharing her problems and weaknesses to me.

As an etiquette consultant, I do not only help my clients on business etiquette related topics; I also help to build my client's confidence. Sometimes, my clients have called me a counsellor or a friend, because I actually listened to them and they took comfort in that. I feel that my job has been done, when one of my clients leave my office feeling better and more confident about themselves.


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