Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Do Children Learn Success?

Few parents really think their child will grow up to be a successful adult without teaching them how to attain that goal.  We send kids to school year after year to excel in academics, but what do we do to make sure they have social skills, confidence, and etiquette, which are all necessary for success?   

Very little is the answer to that question.  Somehow, we think our children will just absorb what they need to know naturally as they grow.  Waiting for that to happen is a mistake and your child will pay for that mistake.  Children need to be taught and shown manners, social skills, appropriate communication skills and they need to be guided as they build confidence, increase emotional intelligence, and people skills. 

It is important for parents to know and access training that will give their child the boost they need to fully become a successful adult and not sit by and merely hope it happens.  Unless parents make the effort to teach their own children what they need to behave appropriately in all situations, they need to seek out specific training by a professional who does these on a regular basis.  Once children have learned skills they are ready to practice those so that when they become adults well versed in behavior that emits success. 
In 1999, in The Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 92, Issue 6, Greg Brigman and others, presented the article “Teaching Children School Success Skills.”  This study pointed out the success of children in specific schools that added the direct instruction of behaviors that increase listening, attendance, and social skills.  The research showed children who got the direct instruction in these “nonacademic” skills significantly increased performance in school.

Children who learn and know how to behave will do better in school, and earn the respect and admiration of others.  They will demonstrate more leadership qualities and model effective relational skills.  Give your child that edge in their development through classes that teach such skills and don’t just wait for them to soak up those skills naturally.  Help your child take their dreams. to reality.
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