Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Skin Care Know How

Keeping your skin clear, healthy, and protected has to start early in life.  If you are an adult with children and you don’t take care of your own skin, now is the time to begin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body,  is essential to good health and hygiene and good habits should begin in childhood so they will continue throughout life.  If you encourage and model good cleansing behaviors for your children, you are giving them the gift of health.  Because childhood progresses  into the teen years when the body is changing rapidly, knowing which cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to use, how to apply sunscreen and develop good routines is something parents can promote.


Emotional health can be affected when a teen is faced with skin problems. Support and encouragement in good hygiene for the entire body can give your child confidence and a higher self-esteem.  Teens don’t automatically know how to care for their changing bodies and learning from other teens is not very effective, so parents should play an important role in guiding their children towards an early start in body care.  Both boys and girls need to understand how to maintain clean skin and hair, what products that are appropriate to use, and they should be aware of their own personal attributes such as dry or oily skin.

Socially, all children want to be around others who are clean, smell fresh, and are well kept physcially.  Parents want to give their child every tool required for success in life.  If children learn from an early age how to take care of themselves, they will have an easier time when they are teens and there is a natural tendency for an increase in skin care.  For some parents, there is a feeling of inadequacy in this area.  If that is the case then find classes for yourself or your child or teen that promote health and hygiene, help them discover products to use and learn other ways to get through the teenage years successfully.

Don’t think this is not important, because it is and for many reasons.  Healthy skin and healthy hygiene will reduce many barriers to any person’s daily life at school, work and play.  Give your child the advantage with knowledge, insight, and training for a step up toward finding success.



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